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Debt Collection
Agency Directory

Are you receiving phone calls and getting letters in the post from a debt collector? 
You might not know what debt they’re chasing or you might be wondering who is constantly calling you, at all hours of the day? Our Debt Collection directory contains details on all the debt collection agencies which we’ve come across and have experience dealing with. You’ll also find details on their address, their business model and even the phone numbers they use.

I’m being contacted by a
Debt Collection Agency

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are many people in the UK who are being called by Debt Collection Agencies. Many people will receive constant letters and even text message from collection agencies and what’s more, many people are unsure of what debt they are even chasing. If this is you, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

The Debt Collection
Agency Directory

There are a number of Debt Collection Agencies in the UK. These include companies such as Lowell Debt, Moorcroft Debt Recovery, Cabot Financial and Robinson Way. Take a look through our growing directory for full details below.

What is a Debt
Collection Agency?

If debts have been in arrears for a prolonged period of time, a creditor or lender has sent you a default notice or has lost contact with you, they will sell or refer your debt to a a debt collection agency. They are hired, or purchase your debt with the express intent of chasing you and getting you to repay it.

Debt collection agencies essentially specialise in collecting payments on debt which has been overlooked, either intentionally or by accident.

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Debt Collection Directory